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Music Heals Everything! [Nov. 17th, 2010|08:20 pm]
AlKhemy: Steampunk-Gypsy-Naiad-Acharya
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After a grueling weekend with the flu, I had to call in sick Monday and Tuesday from work as well! it truly did a number on me. On Tuesday night, however, the band was scheduled to play at DEUX BLUES and I was not going to let anything get in the way of me performing.

The. Show. Was. AWESOME! The house was packed (and on a Tuesday!) everyone was dancing and SNEETCH had our keyboard player Felix up on stage with us for the first time since Folly Fest in New Brunswick back in July! We had a blast and I felt my energy completely turn around during the show. Everyone in the band said you would have had no idea I had the flu (though, I could tell places where my voice wasn't as strong)! We also had a few offers for some future gigs, one being an AIDS benefit Show at the end of the month, but also a music festival in Kelowna this coming Summer! ^_^

The show last night did more then heal my body, it helped heal my soul as well. My falconry mentor had recently sold my very special feathered companion, Cabal to Ontario without telling any of us she had done so till after he was gone. She had mentioned before that she was considering selling him months ago to which myself and few of her apprentices offered to buy him from her to which she agreed upon. I felt betrayed by her actions and her secrecy in selling him as well as the sorrow of losing such a special spirit friend.

Cabal in all his glory perched on my glove the last time I would ever see him :o(

I had started seeking out other falconry mentors as my first teacher was proving to be unreliable to myself (and the other apprentices under her) as well as to the birds. The more I began studying The Art and learning from other falconers the more I began to see that she was talking the talk, but not walking the walk and that the birds training and happiness were suffering for it. The only reason I haven't completely wrote her off is because I am still very connected to the other birds Saber (our 3/4 Gyr 1/4 Saker Falcon) and Mistrel (our Spanish Peregrine Falcon) and I want to be able to stay close to them- especially since a new baby Red Tail Hawk, named Mohave, has just joined them and I know that while training him the others are going to start taking a backseat.

Mistrel having a rare, peaceful moment perched by the inlet watching the mountains.

Saber & I enjoy a delicious lunch of quail... umm, there's something on your beak there, buddy!

*sigh* It is a shame when you progress to a level in your training when you realize that some of your teachers really aren't that fit to be teaching you!

I am going to cut this short as tonight we are holding a tribute memorial to TemPest who many of you will remember was murdered a year ago- shaking the foundations of my friends, chosen family and the BC music and poetry community. Once again, I feel that tonight as I gather with my friends, passing 'round the bottle of whiskey and singing songs and sharing stories I will once again, be healed...

Goodnight all!

[User Picture]From: jozabad
2010-11-18 05:01 am (UTC)
Seriously, who would be looking at the beak in that picture?
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[User Picture]From: malpingu
2010-11-18 05:06 am (UTC)
Condolences on your recent losses.

Those are lovely photos, though.
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[User Picture]From: spiral_meter
2010-11-20 11:13 pm (UTC)
you are my hero and i want to live vicariously through you.

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