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Combining Two of My Loves [Feb. 8th, 2011|07:45 am]
AlKhemy: Steampunk-Gypsy-Naiad-Acharya
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For the past year, I have been training at the world's #1 Western Martial Arts school here in my beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. My main focus of study at Academie Duello has been the Italian rapier and the longsword. As of today I now start training to become one of the instructors for their kids program.

That's right: I'm soon going to be teaching children how to sword fight!!!!!!!!!

Life doesn't get much better than this! :oD

you can check out the school and the programs we offer (such as archery, mounted combat, etc) at

[User Picture]From: firebow
2011-04-23 02:30 am (UTC)

Well now... that's a nifty development!

The past year...It's been at least that long, if not longer, since I've gotten to do anything more than a cursory check of my LJ, and when I do, I find a pic of you in the redheads group. So,I pop over to see what you've been up to, dear elfin one, and see you're doing Italian Rapier and Longsword. Funny that...very funny that. I've been doing the same, tho for a little longer (2-3 years) LoL
I caught a class on Fiore's longsword a little over a year and a half ago and loved it. Haven't been able to get as much proper instruction with it as I'd like, but have been keeping up with what I learned. I've also been working Italian rapier for a few years now, Cappo Ferro and Gigante mostly.

What an amusing synchronicity. :-) When did you get into WMA?
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