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AlKhemy: Steampunk-Gypsy-Naiad-Acharya
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"Blossoms at night,
and the faces of people
moved by music."
--Kobayashi Issa (1763- 1827)

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"A Rowan like lipsticked girl.
Between the by-road and the main road
Alder trees at a wet and dripping distance
Stand off among the rushes.

There are mud-flowers of dialect
And the immortelles of perfect pitch
And that moment when the bird sings very close
To the music of what happens."
-- Seamus Heaney

My band SNEETCH, my primary love!

Some entries are friends only and many have specific friend filters on top of that though, about half of my journal is still public these days.

Who am I? I guess that all depends on what you want to know. What do you think "makes" a person who they are? Hhmmm... with so many possibilities where shall I begin?

Well, some people would call me a... Musician (http://www.myspace.com/sneetchaband), Spoken Word Artist/ Slam Poet, Hitchhiker, Craftswoman, Dancer, Artist, Gypsy Wanderer, Storyteller, Gardner, DIYer, Community Activist, Teacher and Human Being, who is often called AlKhemy by her friends and tribe! ;oP

I love to travel! I find I thrive in change and I love to put myself in new situations around new people and places. I find that the more I travel, the more solid my own inner foundations become. Change either shows you just how strong and solid you are, or it forces you to reconnect to the ever-growing you and find out what you need to keep going. Life is a beautiful journey if you allow it to be! I have traveled to twelve different countries (so many more still to go!) Between Europe and North America. One of the reasons I wander is to find those places that I can return to where I can kick up my feet and stay awhile. This idea of "home" has only really come to me in the last few years of my life. I have since found a few places that feel right and I plan to keep coming back to them, but in the meantime I plan to keep going out there to find new ones... I currently live in The beautiful province of British Columbia, but I grew up in Ontario and even lived in New Brunswick for a Summer. Guess my mother refers to me as her "Wandering, free-spirited, gypsy daughter" for a reason.....

"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes 'Awww!'"
-- Jack Kerouac

I can often be found writing in my journal; short stories, poetry and songs. Lately I have been exploring the gap between written poems where the spoken word and slam poetry communities seem to play... its fun! I love it! I also love philosophy and intelligent conversation-please, stimulate my mind! ;o) I am always doing my personal research and studying my various and eclectic interests. I have been completely enthralled with learning ancient alphabets and runes for many years now. I love studying the origins of language and symbols and connecting the dots that lead to where we are now! My shelves are full of books about world religions, history, quantum theory, psychology, mythology and metaphysics. I also tend to read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and horror novels... I also have a decent selection of graphic novels, comics and role-playing source books thrown in there too! Call me a geek or a nerd if you like- I certainly do all the time

I think I would have to say that my greatest fear is to one day lead a mundane existence. *shudders* I would hate to just disappear into a ridged, banal shadow on some boring path. I am also one of those people who -needs- to be out and about living life! Long walks are glorious and I simply love to ride my bike when the weather is nice and if you get me anywhere near a body of water I will be hopping in to go swimming- just try to get me out! LOL! I am a Do-It-Yourself, hands-on sort of person and I love to surround myself with people who like to get together to make a create! I make my own organic & vegetarian soap, brew my own beer and wine from home and also make most of the jewelry I wear from my leather bracers to my earrings and necklaces. I also discovered a joy for painting recently and have become seriously addicted to acrylics! I have been studying herbology and natural medicine and have FINALLY started my own organic garden! As you can you tell, I like keeping busy!

"B'onn dha insint ar sceal agus dha leagan deag ar amhran."
--There are two sides to every story & (at least) twelve versions of every song.

I am still very much in touch with my inner child! I love to climb trees, swing on swings, dance in the rain and I get a wicked sense of joy by running into a flock of birds grazing on the grass and watching them scatter. Sometimes I do these things when I am by myself, but it is always much more fun when there is someone else there to make you look more sane. However, if they are doing it with you it just makes you both look crazy but oh well- safety in numbers kiddos! I love going camping and tree climbing, heading to outdoor music festivals, swimming, hiking, drum circles and getting dirty while digging fire pits! I am always up for dancing under the moonlight or taking out the staffs and sparing in the morning sun! And then there is The Music: my soul's blood and the greatest light in my life! And I love to share it every chance I get!

SNEETCH performing at St. Augustines in Coast Salish Terriory/ Vancouver Canada, May 2009

The new lineup of SNEETCH as of August 2009: Max Boyle, Kimberleigh Roseblade, Adam Baylin-Stern & JF Brandon

Music... oh sweet, sweet music! If I am not making it then I'm usually listening to it all the time! I have crazy, eclectic tastes and love when people introduce me to new tunes! I also have amateur and professional training (particularly with singing) going as far back to when I was four years old. I believe that music will always have a strong hold over everything I do in life. I seem to play a lot of "breath" instruments as I not only sing, but I also play the Irish tin whistles, harmonica, jaw harp and I am learning the didjeridoo and also have my mind set on getting an alto saxophone. I have quite a collection of djembes and other hand percussions and I absolutely love the primal release I feel during a good drum jam! I have a few musical projects on the go (catch my band SNEETCH sometime!) and I tend to jam with people throughout the week and perform in various venues all over the place... nothing makes me feels better than when I preform my music with a group of people for any and all to enjoy and partake. There is a magic that is created when people come together to make music and drive out rhythms. It is powerful, beautiful and sometimes even delightfully overwhelming! Mmmmm!

"I ask you to look both ways. For the road to a knowledge of the stars leads through the atom; and important knowledge of the atom has been reached through the stars."

-- Sir Arthur Eddington

I am a Capricorn sun sign born under a Scorpio moon with a Pisces rising as well. I am a Red Electric Moon in Mayan astrology and the number 5 also comes up strongly in my numerology. As far as my personal ethics, philosophies, and beliefs are concerned, the only way I can describe myself is as a MEest or a MYerarian. However, I allow my beliefs to expand and even be swayed as I continue to grow and learn. I am not religious, but am highly spiritual- the two are very different things. When it comes down to it, I follow my heart and my own personal rituals (weather they be shared by others of similar leanings, or I have made them up myself). I do whatever feels right for me *winks* if you catch my drift! ;oP

From the research I have done, my blood line seems to be 3/8 Irish, 2/8 Welsh, 1/8 Danish (oh those vikings!), 1/8 French-Canadian and I believe 1/8 German (or possibly Dutch). Despite a good mix, strangers often say: "You're Irish- right?" and I even get "you look like a faery" too... perhaps it has something to do with my strawberry-blond-copper hair and crazy green eyes of mine (or the pointy ears)? It has been hard to finding out my history since both my parents are adopted and only my Mother has contact with her biological family.....

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

-- Mark Twain

So, now who am I? I am all- and none- of these things. I am whatever I am at any given moment and whoever you chose to perceive me as at that moment. And this is my live journal. If you would like a good idea of the various things you will find in here, I recommend you check out my memories. Enjoy!

"Who was it that was always the first out of bed because she loved the touch of the cold morning air on her bare skin? Who was always the last to bed because nothing less than infinite weariness could wean her from the lingering night? Who wept when she was little because there were too many grasses in the field for her to know and touch them all?"

-- Antigone

~^*** NOTE: I tend to write in my lj the way a person might speak, or however my jumbled thoughts jump out. The exception are when I post essays or speculations based on whatever I am currently researching. I don't always spell check and rarely have any idea what I'm going to write until I sit down and begin to type.....***^~

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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

-- Dr.Seuss, "The Lorax"

Tarot Cards
TheNaiadMuse is a card of wild potential and growth.
Divinatory Meanings: Hidden Knowlege, Natural Wisdom, Inspiration, Spotianeity, Untrammeled Creativity, Music, Empathy, Compassion, Sexuality & Erotic Energy, Self Discovery, Exploration, Spiritual Empowerment & Guidance, Connection To Maternal Insticts, Direct Communication With Faery
Reversed: Naivity, Unexpected Events, Impulsiveness, Creative Chaos, Over Analyzation, Imaginary Fears, Self- Doubt, Paradoxes & Mixed Blessings, Riddles, Mysteries, Complexities, Causes Technological Malfunctions
Elements : Though having ties with all the elements, TheNaiadMuse has strong connections to Water and often Earth.

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"The opposite of a small truth may be a lie, but the opposite of a great truth is also a great truth"

-- Niels Bohr

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